In case any of you missed my recent social media posts and messages since Feb. 7th, I have updated Morganthe’s Apprentice with its fifth chapter. I know, right? About time!

I can’t pinpoint why I was able to finish this part in a sudden spurt of writing, but I’m grateful as ever for my friends, my beta readers (who are also my friends), and my VIP team for their tireless support and, dare I say it, their relentless patience! Firestorm Nauralagos, BuBuWinter, Jesse, Ammaarah, A Foolish Fool, Arnel, Waffles, Ian, and everyone else who has provided me with feedback on the story, THANK YOU so much! 😀 I love you awesome people!

Check out Morganthe’s Apprentice now – and don’t be afraid to leave constructive feedback when you’re done reading.


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