In my last post, I celebrated, among other things, getting my Life wizard, Rebecca Dreamhunter, to the once-coveted level 100. And now? Well, she’s still level 100. Yes – even now, after Polaris has been live for at least a month. Well, when I really start to think about it, there are several reasons why I haven’t reached levels 101+ yet. I shall explain here.

  • First and foremost, I am a writer above all else, and whenever I play my favorite computer games – of which Wizard101 is high on the list – I can’t entirely dodge the pangs of guilt that stem from my failure thus far to finish/post Chapter 5 of my current writing project, Morganthe’s Apprentice. Since I posted Chapter 4 on May 30th of last year, I have not been able to deliver a single update to the story, despite having committed myself to an entire series of four stories! If this lack of updates has been discouraging or disappointing to anyone, it has absolutely become a source of great emotional turmoil for me. I love to write, but I hate deadlines with a passion, and I abhor missing them even more fervently. I want all my readers to know that I have not given up, and in fact, I added a lot to the chapter just yesterday, but it is still considerably far from being ready to post publicly.
  • Over the past five months or so, I’ve become obsessed with a very different kind of MMORPG, a 15-year-old browser-based game called Runescape. I’ve heard varied reactions from my friends to this game; one of my close friends hates it for some mysterious reason (though I respect his right to not have to tell me why), and several others had never heard of Runescape before my mention of it as my new favorite game. But in playing it, I have made many more friends who, of course, love the game as much as I do. I find that Runescape’s players are very helpful and welcoming to newbies such as myself, especially those who play on the Free-to-Play worlds (for those who don’t know, “worlds” in Runescape are like “realms” in Wizard101 or “servers” in World of Warcraft). Much like Wizard101 and most other MMORPGs these days, Runescape has a section of free areas, surrounded by areas that can only be accessed by paying members (or members who are given a paid membership as a gift – like I was – or as a prize). There are 27 total skills in the game. These include artistic skills such as Crafting, Smithing, Construction and Cooking; as well as gathering skills like Farming, Hunting, Mining, Fishing and Woodcutting; and combat-related skills like Attack (mainly used for melee combat), Defense, Constitution (how many life points you can have at full health), Magic (which is helpful for more than just combat, actually) and Ranged (attack by shooting arrows/bolts or throwing weapons). This section of the post is getting a bit overlong, but I’ll continue this “overview/review” of Runescape in a separate post, I’m sure.
  • I recently got my secondary account on Wizard101 upgraded for a year. When my main account goes Free-to-Play again next month, I will probably leave it that way for a while. I expect I’ll be working on my secondary account until I feel ready to quest on my Life wizard again.
  • Even though my main Wizard101 account’s membership is about to expire, I have little motivation to log on as Rebecca Dreamhunter except to tend her garden or, if needed, help a fellow young wizard with his or her quest.
  • This reason may seem strange to some, but when I heard about the Pack-a-Palooza and the free pack gift, I got one free pack for each of my six accounts (yes, six…), and in opening hers, Rebecca Dreamhunter got a level 100+ Greenwarden’s Energetic Mask, the best Energy hat I could ever expect her to get her hands on! Now, instead of the 166 energy she has with a Splendid hat and boots and the Greenwarden’s Energetic robe, plus a Circle of Avalon ring with a +3 energy jewel and a Dapper Corgi pet, she has a total of 172 max energy each day when she “wakes up!” When I got that new hat, I said to myself, She’s not going to take that off for a LONG time! Of course, I won’t be questing with her energy gear equipped, either. I wouldn’t last very long in Khrysalis part 2 if I tried. 😛 I’ll just have to wait to get through the rest of Khrysalis and into Polaris. I’m in no rush. 🙂
  • Lastly, I saw something happen in a walkthrough of Polaris by Skelemystyk that made me very nervous… after which, I was far less eager to attend my own Ravenwood graduation. Other young wizards have laughed at me for feeling this way, but sorry, that doesn’t change the fact that I do feel this way.
    Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!
    When Grandmother Raven tells us/the player character that she can no longer tell for sure if we remain pure of heart, and then goes on to warn us that if we cause the Spiral harm, we will feel her wrath, I get depressed and panicky all at once. I can’t explain why this affects my emotional well-being so strongly, but it does. It’s just one of those things that can’t be reasoned away. It’s probably partly because if the Rebecca in Morganthe’s Apprentice experienced something like that, she’d be devastated. Grandmother Raven doesn’t know if I’m pure of heart anymore? If she can’t see my true intentions, who can? What’s worse, does this actually mean that I’m no longer pure of heart? Is there a chance I myself have been corrupted by Shadow magic, and can’t clearly  judge my own actions? And so on. Really. That’s the way I think sometimes. Don’t judge me; I’m just being honest with you. Please.

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