Check it out: My first-ever wizard has become my first level 100 wizard!

Goodbye, Tartarus… Hello, Darkmoor!

Wizard101 - Darkmoor 67% Complete!
I got my Hungry Caterpillar spell! πŸ˜€ Many warm thanks to Gwenni and Sam from our RaidCall group for helping me through Parts 1 & 2 of Darkmoor. I hugely appreciate it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Next stop: Darkmoor’s Grand Finale!!!
Wizard101 - My First Shadow Spell!
Thanks so much to Jesse from our RaidCall group for helping me quest through Khrysalis part 1. He took me from the beginning of Tyrian Gorge, all the way to the end of the Eclipse Tower! *** Now, when I say he “helped” me, what I mean is, he practically carried my Life wizard through that whole, dangerous place until she got her first Shadow spell, Shadow Seraph, pictured here. I am immensely grateful, both to Jesse for the mountains of help, and to the group for allowing me to meet and become friends with this awesome dude (as well as many other helpful individuals). GROUP HUG!!! ***
Nearly 1,000,000 Damage
When I soloed Hisser while questing in Fort Rachias, I ended up hitting him for almost one million damage points! Honestly, though, I wasn’t even trying to hit him that hard… I just got tired of the Efreet management (which consisted entirely of a bunch of Cleanse Charm treasure cards) and decided to over-boost instead, rather than have to reshuffle & hit again. πŸ˜€ I was like, “GRR! Efreet AGAIN?? Heck, I’ll just hit through it this time.” At the last moment, I changed my mind, and poor Hisser didn’t stand a chance either way, it appears. YAY for treasure card blades and traps, and yay again for Colossal! Of course, having Dyvim Whitehart along for the fight had absolutely nothing to do with this… *shifty eyes* OKAY, okay! His built-in 50% damage boost was pure awesomesauce. Satisfied? (Just kidding, of course! Thank you, Dyvim! It’s great to have you back!)

That’s all I’ve got to share right now. I’ll keep ya posted! Thanks for reading…

See ya in the Spiral!


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