Announcement! Announcement! ANNOUNCEMENT!!

My most advanced wizard in Wizard101, Level 58 Life Wizard Rebecca Dreamhunter, finally made it through the Ravenscar questline to reach Wintertusk this morning! Naturally, I took video footage of her first few quests there. I’ll post them as soon as all of the loading time and other slow moments are edited out, leaving only the interesting stuff. 🙂

Ravenscar took her/me forever to get past, especially since I’ve been getting further in Celestia, too, and that’s where I’ve been getting my highest XP gains. Now, though, that will be a non-issue, thanks to my friend, Evan, who helped me defeat the head ravens of the evil Coven and put a stop to the Everwinter… or so my character thought. 😉

Call me mean, but I’m grateful to be fighting the ravens’ army again. The monsters in Wintertusk are Rank 9-10, as opposed to the Rank 6-8 monsters found in Ravenscar, so my guess is that they have the ability to Critical and Block during battle. That’s why I haven’t fought them yet. 😛 Yup, I’m a scaredy cat. The good news there is that I love all kinds of “cats.” 😀

Anyway, kitty jokes aside… I’m just so psyched to be fighting Rank 9’s somewhere other than Celestia. You know, I like playing it safe, but there’s something satisfying about going into a battle with an equally or almost equally powerful creature… and winning. It really says something to me about courage, whether it’s my courage or not. 🙂


And thanks again and again, Evan S! Couldn’t have done it without ya!


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