I know I haven’t posted daily as I’d planned to do. My bad, and I’m sorry for any disappointment. However, as the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And so…

If you’re the kind of person who likes playing those multiplayer online games where you do quests and fight monsters of some sort (and provided you aren’t downright reckless), you probably know what its like to put off your high-level quests once in a while because they seem to risky. This can lead to a lack of leveling-up as you go back to finish easier quests you didn’t finish yet, which earn you much smaller rewards and much less experience (XP).

Well, as much as I love Wizard101 and Pirate101, I’m avoiding most of my quests on both games with both of my main characters, Rebecca Dreamhunter (Wizard101) and Helpful Rebecca Mainstay (Pirate101).

In Wizard101, I’ve finished every side quest I had in Wizard City, Krokotopia and Marleybone, the first three worlds of the game, not counting side worlds like Grizzleheim and Wysteria. I have two quests left to finish in Mooshu, and then I’ll move on to Dragonspyre and finish all my quests there.

In Mooshu, there’s this place called the Cave of Solitude where, in order to get to the next goal of one of my quests there, I must cross a web of bridges that is populated by several very daunting creatures, including an Enraged Kraken and some other Storm monsters. I have been terrified of crossing these bridges since I first discovered their existence. The part that scares me is this: in almost any other area in the game that I’ve ever been to that has bridges, the creatures never travel along those bridges; they just stay on solid ground, so you are safe if you wait on any bridge. In the web in the Cave of Solitude, however, the creatures use the bridges often, which means you can’t wait on a bridge to plan your next move. You have to keep moving, and what’s worse, the creatures move at different speeds, and on every bridge, creatures move in both directions. Sound impossible? Strangely enough, I’ve made it across before without getting drawn into battle, but whatever strategy I used was nowhere near foolproof. I just happened to be lucky at the time. Grrah, I hate that place…

Meanwhile, on the world of Celestia, where Rebecca DH is supposed to be doing main quests, I refuse to battle alone at my level. I need at least one battle buddy there with me. The thing about Celestia is, the creatures there have access to the same rank of spells that I have, and they have a good chance to hit me twice as hard as normal with any spell, which is known as a critical hit. Though I also have this opportunity because I am over level 50, they also have the ability to block my critical hits, making them regular hits. I prefer to “crit” in Mooshu or Dragonspyre rather than Celestia, because creatures in the first few worlds can’t block it like the more advanced creatures can.

Anyway, in Pirate101, I have the task of battling Armada (aka military) ships in Valencia. I’m not fond of broadside combat, where you fight an enemy ship with cannons and such rather than fighting the enemy in person. My hands and my mouse just aren’t quick enough, or sure enough, to survive for long in that battle mode.

So, I guess that’s it for today! 😛 Thanks for reading!


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