I just posted this on my Facebook wall (I made a couple of very minor edits, though):

Just heard (You Drive Me) Crazy / Crazy from tonight’s Glee episode, and it’s well-sung, but I’m telling you… That had BETTER be a dream sequence from Jake’s point of view, because I WANT MARLEY WITH SAM!! </3

There’s no Jake in MY dream sequence. He’s too cold and hardened for a good girl like Marley, and Sam is perfect in that respect. He’s so sweet. He’s like a poor Prince Charming, but closer to nonfictional and SO not a Gary Stu!

And I get to use the P word (respectfully, of course) because I’m poor, too. I HATE Kitty for saying it the way she did. “Richie Poor?” Did she actually make a reference to a non-classic 90’s movie starring Macaulay Culkin, of all people? Was that supposed to be… cool? EAHHHHHH! Wrong! *

By the way, they should NOT have named her Kitty. Yes, it’s a cute, blonde-themed name, but I would have given her some other name instead. My kitty, for one, is a sweetheart, and this may be PMS talking, lol, but I resent the newly-drawn connection to a snobby, Class “A” Mean Girl!

Any thoughts on these topics? Let me know in the comments. Have a great Thursday! Glee tonight!!!

* By the way, I like Richie Rich, as well as many of Macaulay Culkin’s other movies; I just don’t think it was a “cool” thing to make a reference to, seeing as it came out nearly 20 years ago, and I’d be surprised if anyone Kitty’s age has even heard of it, let alone seen it. It was good, but it was in no way a timeless classic.


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