When I get bored with:

  • Writing fanfiction…
    • I beta read (aka proofread) fellow authors’ fanfiction so that they can post it online.
    • I read and review fanfiction that my friends (or sometimes, people I don’t know yet – a great way to make new friends in the fandom) have written and posted online*.
    • I play Wizard101.
    • I play The Sims 3.
    • I play Popmundo, although in my opinion, the new version kinda sucks compared to the older version I know and love, which they are slowly phasing out. I think when they stop letting me use the old version, I’ll stop playing, because I’ll probably be too confused with version 2.0 to have any fun. 😥 Sucky.
    • I post stuff to this ‘ere blog. 😛
    • I watch past episodes of Glee and dream about it’s return for Season 4 on September 13. C’mon, Septemby, hurry up!!
  • Gaming…
    • I blog about the games I play.
    • I plan out my own “dream game,” including as many intricate details as I can come up with in my notes (or just thinking about them if I don’t feel like making notes).
      • Sometimes this is a web game, where you would register, log in, and play with friends from all over the world.
      • Other times it might be the kind of game you’d download and install on your own computer.
      • Most often, though, my game plans are for a (3D) graphical computer (downloaded and installed) game which would connect to the internet, so you can still play with other people worldwide.
    • I go to Facebook and/or read other interesting blogs, such as that of the brilliant Amelia.
    • I shop on Amazon for stuff for me and my luffly kitty, Selena.
  • Politics…
    • I look around for cat and kitten pics/videos.
    • I play my games or write (if I can manage to do the latter).
    • Idly surfing the web…
      • I go take a walk to the store to get munchies when I have the munchies.
      • Far too rarely, I take an actual “exercise”-type walk around the neighborhood or something.
      • I lie down in bed with shades down and lights off and use the distraction-free environment as an opportunity to think about and improve my story-in-progress, currently “Yesterday’s Gone.”

What do you do what you get bored in your free time?
Post your answers in the comments section. I love comments!

* I know Fanfiction.net has gotten a lot of heat recently from authors who write M-rated stories and, thus, are worried that the FFN staff will delete it in accordance with their newly reinforced terms of service, which are now more strictly enforced. However, I have no intention of boycotting them for this reason. I have what I like to call a “young mind,” meaning I don’t like reading about sex or graphic violence, so these newly renovated rules (excuse the alliteration) are actually a great thing for me. All of my stories are rated either T for teens and older, or K+ for kids ages 9 and up. I have never put any graphic violence or explicit sexual scenes in ANY story I have written, and I’m pretty sure you could find harsher language in alive action Disney movie, such as Bicentennial Man, which you have to admit has a few scattered swears, and even some mild sexual jokes. Anyway, I’m well aware I’ve gone off-topic, and I apologize, but I think you can see what my point is. I still love Fanfiction.net, even as several of my writer friends have started to boycott it. The boycotting isn’t bad, either. Stand up for what you believe in, just don’t hate me if I don’t feel the same anger, and perhaps even betrayal, that you might feel. I respect your feelings. Thank you for reading this “insanely longly**” ramble.

** Inside joke. Hahahee… Feel free to ask. This post just isn’t the place to answer. It was supposed to be a short post; too many more words are required to explain, and right now, I can’t seem to shut up. Oh, well. 😀


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