* Note: All links (with the exception of the YouTube video) go to an unofficial, fan-made Wizard101 website called Wizard101 Central. I am a member of their forums and their wiki, but I claim no credit for their awesomeness. All credit for the information linked to herein goes to the amazing, brilliant and magical young wizards who tirelessly researched it within the game universe, and posted it on the site. 🙂 I have yet to find anything of value to add to their already impeccable wiki. Lol. *

Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as religiously as, perhaps, I should have, but the good news is, I’ve finally reached Dragonspyre, the fifth storyline world in the Spiral (aka: universe) of my favorite game, Wizard101. Hooray, right? I’m that much closer to going up against Malistaire! Sweet. I’m already level 46, doing quests in the Drake Hatchery, and I’m trying to only do main storyline quests for as long as I can. That is, of course, except for Zeke’s “Stone Roses” quest, and the Dragonspyre crafting quests (which I finally completed earlier this morning).

However, I’ve been reading ahead via the WC Wiki for a while now, and I’m already ITCHING to reach the newly-released world of Avalon. I’ve also been watching videos of the new world on YouTube. Here’s a great one of the last boss fight encountered in Avalon, and all that comes next:

You’ll notice that the video is sped up to make the video easier to upload and, presumably, to sit through, though I had no trouble with the video’s length. 🙂

Also, I personally prefer videos like this, which feature the actual game’s music and sound effects, over the ones with added background music or narration in place of the original audio. I’ll venture a guess that many people will disagree with that statement, and that’s fine, because it’s just a statement of my own, humble opinion. 🙂 I like to hear the spells and the background music that I have yet to experience because I’m not yet in Avalon.

If you’re reading this and have uploaded Wizard101 videos, even if they aren’t from Avalon or don’t use the original audio, leave a link in the comments! I’d love to watch them. I could watch and play Wizard101 non-stop for days if my sleep schedule would only allow for it. 🙂 (YouTube and Vimeo links only, please! No other video links will be allowed here, in an effort to reduce spam. Sorry!)

* * * On an unrelated note: who else watched Glee’s Season 3 finale this week? I laughed, I cried, I loved it. It was amazing. <3! * * *


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