I’m watching 3.8 “Hold On to 16” again… I love it; I can’t get enough… But here’s something I don’t get: I know Blaine had a right to be ticked off at Finn. Totally. But Sam? Yeah, I get that Sam made fun of the dance move Blaine suggested to the glee club, calling it “totally boy band,” but what Blaine said sounded so much harsher to me.

Let me ask you guys something: In Season 2, Kurt knew about Sam’s financial situation while he was still going to Dalton Academy. Wouldn’t he have explained it to Blaine at some point before this scene? And even if Blaine didn’t know by then (which I find hard to believe), how could he have known enough to say, “Of course you think that. You have to think that in order to sleep at night!” about Sam’s dancing, and with such an arrogant expression on his face? That was really unexpected!

Anyway, Blaine, I like you overall, but that was just plain cold. You’re gonna have to earn back those cool points after that display.

To the rest of you, hehee: As always, comments are welcome, and respect will be treated with respect, so no bashing is all I ask!


7 thoughts on “Hold On to 16: Sam vs. Blaine

  1. I didn’t mean this episode. I mean in general. Although even though Santana did say a lot to Sam, she gave him a hug in the end but still.

    Yes, they are past it all and it nice to see that they might be back together has a group. We shall see.


  2. Like I said he was there before Blane, but he left. Seniority is out the window even for just two months. If you leave a job, you lose seniority. Sam just came in like he was the big shot again and Blane has been working hard to be in the group and Finn has treated like crap.

    He could have said it a little differently then bringing up the “boy band” thing. I don’t think he’s taking it out on Sam, Sam just pushed his buttons and spoke up. Everyone has said something, heck look at Santana, the Princess of Insults, Sue being the Queen. People change as well. Look at Rachel, she’s changed over the years.


    1. I didn’t know about the seniority part. I stand corrected there, and it does change things around.

      When you said that everyone said something, including Santana and Sue, did you mean to Blaine? I’ll have to re-watch a few episodes, if that’s what you meant. And yes, you’re right about Rachel changing and maturing throughout the series. That’s true of everyone on Glee, I suppose, though maybe most noticeable in her.

      At this point, I’m just glad they seem to have seen past this argument. I guess I should look past it, too. 🙂


  3. Honestly, I don’t think Sam had the right to say anything. Blaine was there before him. Yeah, I know he didn’t have a choice, but he can’t just come in a start barking orders. I would be pissed to. It probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say, but if you are mad, things come out that shouldn’t be said.


    1. A valid and solid point, except for one thing: Sam was there first. He left for a few months, but I think he has seniority over Blaine if seniority makes that much of a difference. Anyway, It was harsh for Sam to say what he said, but he feels he has something to contribute, and I think the only bad thing about him contributing it was his tone. Still, Blaine’s line came across as very surprising to me. I would think that he, someone who has been hit hard emotionally by bullying, would know better than to hit so low himself. I mean, look at 2.6, Never Been Kissed. Look how patient he was with Dave Karofsky. Karofsky was much more of a threat to Kurt and even Blaine at the time than Sam is now. Sam even led the charge to defend Kurt two episodes later! 😦 It just seems so strange. Is Blaine really taking his frustration at Finn out on Sam just because Sam did that one thing wrong?

      In any case, thanks for your comment. It’s always good (and healthy) to hear other points of view, and yours is a very understandable one.


    2. I just realized I said something that can be taken negatively too easily… 😦 I should have said at the beginning that your point is a valid one PERIOD, but that one difference, in my opinion, makes it not as solid. Sorry for not being very clear the first time…


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