I officially adore Glee! I’ve been catching up on the FOX website, watching episode by episode of Glee. So loving this show!

As silly as it may seem, I’m hardly ever awake at 8pm. Yes, I’m 25, I know. But it’s just the way it is. Anyway, I’m so glad that FOX has five past episodes on its website, for that very reason. Well, that, and because I get to watch it as many times as I want until it expires to make room for more episodes.

Okay, so I’m totally crushing on Sam Evans, his oh-so-sweet voice, and his show-stopping smile. I saw a photo of the actor who plays him, Chord Overstreet (what a cool name, don’t you think?) on the IMDB this morning, and it turns out that, like Tom Felton (who plays Draco Malfoy in the HP movies), Chord actually has brown hair, despite playing a character with blond hair. As for me, I think he’s just adorable either way. <3!! It was interesting to know, though.

I’m hoping I can handle juggling the two intense fandoms, between Glee and Harry Potter, but hey, I figure if people can manage to call themselves fans of both Harry Potter and Twilight, with all the Twilight-despising HP fans out there, I can do this.

And here’s a mega-sweet Glee clip on YouTube:


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