“You see, in every living being, there is a courage, a strength, a daring that we do not know we have until suddenly, one day, we need them. And then, when we find out that we are not the cowards we thought we were, our hearts and minds are open and eager for what you might call… a miracle.” —Michael Redgrave as Jonas (Heidi, 1968)

I could use some of that daring, an inspiration that makes me do more than write. I wouldn’t mind a miracle, either, but then again, who would turn something like that down?

My last post was basically about confidence and how it affects humor. But there’s something bigger and more important to write about, like how confidence affects action. Humor is an important part of life, and it’s certainly worth blogging about. But there’s more to life than fun.

A friend of mine just signed off to head to work. He’ll be traveling through a heavy snowfall, and working long hours, and then he’ll have to come back home through the same heavy snowfall before being able to relax at home. It’s got to be rough sometimes… but he does it and never makes excuses.

I really do have a lot of learning to do. I stay at home and write, chat with friends, and the one I’m really embarrassed about, play games, and I keep doing these things until I’m tired. Then I go to sleep. I’m looking for volunteer work, but it’s going at a snail’s pace. I haven’t heard back from the place I requested information from, the American Cancer Society, but that’s no reason to continue “business as usual” and go back to playing all day. That’s just a sign that the next step is to call the local ACS office, and make sure they know I’m really interested.

I want a job. But wanting work won’t get me hired, will it? This is the real world, where I have to act on my decisions. “Nobody’s hiring” is no reason not to search around. Maybe somebody is willing to “hire” me on a volunteer basis. I need something decent to do. Something that will help someone, whether it’s filing charts for the secretary at a doctor’s office, making food at a soup kitchen, or just organizing books on a shelf at the local library. Something that will make someone else’s job easier. And when I start to get tired, or bored, or homesick, I’ll think of my friend, or one off countless inspiring quotes I’ve heard, and I’ll make myself stay and finish the work day as it was agreed upon.

No excuses. “Do what is right, not what is easy.” That’ll be my new year’s resolution. Thank you, Dumbledore.

Mischief Managed.


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